ECO Deposit

Sound investment!

If it is important for you to save money and at the same time you care about the environment, make your savings green!
Eco deposits are one of the important parts of the Bank’s eco strategy. The Bank uses your eco savings to grant eco loans at preferential interest rates. ProCredit Bank grants eco loans in three main areas, namely to

  • achieve energy efficiency at home and business facilities
  • make investments in renewable energy rsources
  • finance the environmentally friendly activities.

By enjoying eco deposits you support the promotion of eco investments because your support increases the number of financed eco projects.
ProCredit Bank offers private individuals eco term deposit.

Advantages of eco deposit:

  • You can take up a loan secured by deposit at preferential terms and conditions.
  • Your deposit plays an important role in environmental protection.


  • Minimum amount and currency - 5 000 GEL/USD/EUR
  • Deposit is opened with a fixed period: 12;18;24;36 months
  • Term Deposit is opened with a fixed amount and for a predefined period
  • The amount cannot be reduced or increased during the term of agreement
  • Monthly interest accrual on the current account

Nominal and effective interest rates

Term (months)GELUSDEUR