Internet Banking

The modern and convenient way to manage and control your bank accounts, Internet Banking enables you to:

  • Conduct banking transactions at any time from any location
  • Manage your accounts independently

Internet Banking users confirm transactions and operations by SMS code, DigiPass or PCB mobile token.

The PCB Mobile Token application generates one-time TAN codes to validate Internet Banking transfers and other transactions.

  • Transaction validations without limit
  • Application can be used in any country, even without an Internet connection
  • TAN codes can be generated without activating your mobile phone’s roaming service
  • Allows involvement of several users in one application

PCB Mobile Token conditions

To activate the PCB Mobile Token:

  • Download the application from the Google Play app store
  • Enter the 10-digit activation code received through the Internet Banking platform in the relevant field of the application
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN code sent to the e-mail address registered at ProCredit Bank and/or to the mobile phone number via an SMS text to ensure final activation

Change of PIN code

It is recommended to change the 4-digit PIN code as soon as possible after you activate the service. To change the code, you must enter the Settings menu and choose “Change PIN Code”; you will be prompted to first enter the current PIN code and then choose and confirm a new one in the relevant field.

Download mobile banking app from the following links: