JSC Liberty Bank and JSC ProCredit Bank sign Cooperation Agreement

Published: 9.12.2015

Good news for the customers of JSC Liberty Bank and JSC ProCredit Bank! On 9 December 2015, the two banks entered into a mutual cooperation agreement, under which they will be able to contact each other through a host-to-host connection. As a result of this arrangement, customers will be able to withdraw cash from the ATMs of Liberty Bank and ProCredit Bank for the same low fee.

Together, the banks have more than 500 ATMs, which means that customers will be able to make cash withdrawals in more locations.

ProCredit Bank Visa/Master Card and Visa Business Card holders will be able to withdraw cash from the Liberty Bank ATMs at the rates applicable at ProCredit Bank, and the Liberty Bank customers will able to make POS terminal payments with PAY/UPI system cards, in addition to Visa/Master Cards. PAY is a local payment system of Liberty Bank with more than 1.6 million cards on the platform.

“We are pleased that ProCredit Bank and Liberty Bank have joined forces for their customers. From now on, our customers will be able to withdraw cash from more ATMs, for the same commission fee charged by ProCredit Bank,” stated Alex Matua, Director of ProCredit Bank.

“ProCredit is the third commercial bank with which Liberty Bank has signed a host-to-host agreement, based on which customers will have more convenient conditions and a variety of choices when it comes to making cash withdrawals and card payments,” added David Ninidze, Head of Alternative Banking Channels at JSC Liberty Bank.