ECO Loan

Eco loans for businesses are designed to help businesses to improve energy efficiency, increase competitiveness and reduce negative impact on the environment.

A ProCredit eco loan for businesses can help your business to:

  • improve efficiency and increase the quality of production
  • reduce operating costs – lower energy costs mean lower business expenses
  • reduce its negative impact on the environment

What can eco loans for businesses be used for?

Production processes – replacing old machines or equipment or purchasing additional machines or equipment

Building envelope – applying thermal insulation to external walls/ceilings/floors and installing double-/triple-glazed windows or doors

Electrical equipment – purchasing high-efficiency electric motors, new lighting systems, appliances rated A+ and above, etc.

Heating or cooling – installing new central heating/cooling systems, boilers, air conditioners, etc.

Waste management – separation of waste, recycling (paper, plastic, glass) prevention of waste, etc.

Renewable energy sources – installing solar water heating systems (flat collectors, vacuum tube collectors), ground heat pumps or biomass boilers (wood, pellet, etc.).