Preferential Agrocredit

Preferential Agrocredit Project has been initiated by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and has been implemented by the Rural Development Agency since 27 March of 2013 and aims to improve the processes of primary agricultural production, processing, storage and sale by providing the legal entities and private individuals with cheap, affordable long-term and preferential funds.

As part of the project, small and medium business clients will benefit from ProCredit Bank financing.

Preferential Agrocredits are issued to finance the areas, such as fixed assets and working capital.

Depending on the purpose of the loan, the minimum amount is set at GEL 7,000 and the maximum amount is set at GEL 15,000,000.

The Agricultural and Rural Development Agency provides, depending on the purpose, the co-financing of interest for 6 to 66 months, at an annual rate of 8% -18%.

Please see detailed information about preferential agro-credit on the website of the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency.