Loans with Standard/Individual Repayments Schedules

Loans with a standard repayment schedules are repaid in equal monthly instalments.
A 12-month grace period is available for this type of loan, during which you only pay the interest accrued on the loan capital. You begin repaying the loan capital after the grace period has ended.

If you run a seasonal business, you may take advantage of an individual loan repayment schedule tailored to your business.
You may use the loans with standard and individual repayment schedules to finance both working capital needs as well as fixed or other long-term assets.

  • Business loans with a standard repayment plan – identical monthly loan instalments
  • Business loans with a grace period – no instalments for six months after the loan has been issued, or instalments of accrued interest only. Identical monthly instalments are payable after the grace period has expired
  • Business loans with a seasonal payment plan – individual instalments tailored to your business needs

Business loans can be used for the following purposes:

  • Working capital – increase stock, expand your range of goods, settle liabilities to suppliers, etc.
  • Fixed assets – purchase/repair machinery and equipment, etc.
  • Real estate – purchase/build business premises, purchase land
  • Other business needs – investments in business development and sustainability

Working capital - 36 monthsThe maturity of business loans depends on their intended use:

Fixed assets - 60 months

Real estate - 120 months

Currency - GEL/USD/EUR