Please read an important information!

Published: 10.04.2018

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that a “phishing" email has been sent on behalf of ProCredit Bank Georgia to various email addresses. The purpose of the above mentioned, “phishing" mail is to receive sensitive, confidential banking and / or payment information from a recipient in a fraudulent way. This letter states that it is necessary to "renew" or "verify" the client's account through the link given in the email, this link leads to the bogus webpage; any information entered on the bogus website will be captured by the criminals for their own fraudulent purposes.

Please, be informed that ProCredit Bank did not send the above-mentioned message to your e-mail address. Also, ProCredit Bank will never ask you to disclose your password or other confidential information by clicking on the link in the email or redirecting on the web page from the link given in the email.

Warning: Do not click on the link given in the message and do not enter the requested information!

In case you already disclosed sensitive information, please contact the bank immediately via phone (032) 2202222 or e-mail: for further reaction.

- In case you have entered the Internet Banking User and Password, please instantly change your password for the Internet Banking using another computer.

- In case you entered the plastic card data, please immediately block the plastic card.

The first thing to remember is that banks will never write to you and ask you for your password or any other sensitive information by email.

For more information about "phishing", please visit the home page of the internet banking.