ProCredit Bank Has Released a Quarterly Report on Plastic Waste Reduction

Published: 21.02.2020

ProCredit Bank Georgia is intensively engaged in reducing plastic waste in several directions.

It is more than five years since the Bank introduced a waste management policy, where under plastic items are sorted. Significant attention is also paid to its gradual but complete replacement in internal consumption. It is noteworthy that during 2019 the Bank collected up to 250kg of plastic and transferred it to the waste management company.

The Bank is also working intensively to raise awareness of the issue among its employees. During 2019, all employees were provided with workshops covering information on the origin, composition and use of plastics as well as the effects of waste contamination and solutions.

It is also worth noting that in 2019, ProCredit Bank Georgia and the environmental NGO - CENN signed a one-year Memorandum of Understanding, under which the companies express their readiness to support, through joint efforts, the implementation of sustainable waste management practices in the country and facilitate the development of the sector. It is important that a number of interesting projects have been planned for 2020 under the initiative of these two companies in terms of waste management.

Please find a brief report of ProCredit group policies and strategies for reducing direct and indirect use of plastics as well as performed activities in the accompanying information leaflet.