Pay Box deposits now in USD

Published: 22.09.2016

ProCredit Bank Pay Boxes offer new opportunities for clients.

In addition to accepting GEL, Pay Boxes now also accept USD, which means that clients can now make deposits in two currencies: GEL and USD.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that the Pay Box software has been updated, which has enabled us to diversify the services offered at these devices. These services now include:

  • making deposits into private accounts
  • making deposits into company accounts
  • depositing money to repay loans/credit cards
  • depositing money into deposit accounts
  • depositing money into deposit transit accounts
  • depositing money into child deposit accounts
  • making payments for utilities or other fees

As of 23 September, the services listed above will be available to clients at the newly designed Pay Boxes.

Pay Boxes are located at ProCredit Bank 24/7 Zones and can be accessed around the clock.