SMS Service

The SMS service allows you to obtain information about the bank’s services, transactions you have made and bank news quickly and easily.

ProCredit Bank sends the following short text messages to all clients who signed the Agreement on Indication of Contact Details:

  • Money transfers/withdrawals
  • Information about Plastic Cards
  • Information about deposits
  • Information about loans (if any)
  • Internet Banking messages (issue of a statement, change of phone number for TAN code, etc.)
  • Standing orders

In addition, clients may, at their option, subscribe to the SMS Service and receive the following additional messages:

With the SMS Service, you can call the Info Service 2022 to receive information 24/7 in the form of a text message.

Info service *2022

0Information about SMS codes
1Balance on a current account (s)
2Balance available on current account(s)
3Balance available on savings account (s)
4Balance available on savings plan deposit (s)
5Loan instalments/arrears
6Commission fees for arrears (account service, Internet Banking, SMS Service, standing orders)
7NBG currency exchange rates for USD; EUR; GBP; RUR
8The bank"s internal commercial exchange rates for USD/GEL; EUR/GEL; EUR/USD
9The bank"s internal commercial exchange rates for GBP/GEL; RUR/GEL
10Current account (requisites)
11Savings account (requisites)
12Information regarding Credit Card
13Change SMS taping language(English or Georgian)