Drop-boxes located in our 24/7 Zones are primarily designed for business clients who regularly deposit large amounts of money, either through representatives of the company or third persons.

Customer prepares and calculated the sum he/she wishes to deposit, places the money into the drop-box package and puts the packge into the machine. The sum is automatically credited to the specified account.

Drop box anables you to deposit funds in three currencies into current account or accounts for legal or physical persons.

How to use the drop-boxes

  • In order to activate the service, the client signs an agreement with the bank, whereby the bank defines the daily limit of the sum to be deposited by the client, his or her representatives, or third parties.
  • For depositing money the bank gives the client a drop-box card

The number of drop-box cards per company is not limited, but each user can own just one card. The company owner defines the number of distributors and dealers authorised to make deposits

How to deposit money in a drop-box

The drop-boxes are easy and convenient to use. Just follow these simple steps:

  • After you have prepared and calculated the sum you wish to deposit, place the money into the drop-box package

In order to identify the package, there is a barcode on the drop-box package. However, it is necessary to fill the following information:

  • Name of the company
  • Amount to be deposited
  • The currency

Only one type of currency should be placed in each drop-box package. In addition to bank notes, GEL 10 coins may be placed in the drop-box package.

  • Identify yourself and your organisation with your drop-box card
  • Select the currency and the account on the screen
  • Indicate the amount of the sum to be deposited
  • Select the desired function of the sum to be deposited (only if you are going to deposit the sum on the account of a legal entity)
  • Scan the bar code on the drop-box package
  • Put the package in the drop-box
  • Take your deposit receipt

After you have completed these steps, the sum indicated on the receipt will automatically be credited to the specified account. If there are any discrepancies concerning the sum deposited in the drop-box and the sum stated on the drop-box package or entered on the screen, the balance will be adjusted accordingly. If there is a surplus, the additional amount will be deposited to the account, but if the amount was overstated, the difference will be deducted from your account. If the balance on the account is insufficient to cover the difference, the amount in question will automatically be treated as an overdraft, on which annual interest of 36% will be charged.