Universal ATMs

ProCredit Bank offers Innovative ATMs in self-service Zone 24/7.

Cash-in ATM and ATM Universal Plus allows you to make cash withdrawals and deposits to/from the account linked to a card. Like standard ATMs, the account balance and recent transactions can also be viewed.

  • Deposit up to 300 notes in one transaction
  • Amount automatically credited to the current account

To deposit funds into the cash-in ATM, please go through the following steps:

I. Put your card into the ATM slot (Visa/MasterCard)

II. Press the Cash Deposit button

III. Place notes into the ATM

IV. Specify the account to which you would like to deposit the funds

V. Take the cash deposit receipt

Only private clients and business clients with PCB cards may use the ATMs

ConditionsCash-in ATMUniversal Plus
ATM takes10,20,50,100,200 GEL and any USD/EUR notesany GEL/USD/EUR notes
ATM gives10,20,50,100,200 GEL notes 50,100,200 GEL notes and 100 USD notes
Daily limit of amount20 000 GEL50 000 GEL
Maximum quantity of notes, that can be placed in the ATM in one transactionMax. 50 notes

Max.300 notes